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It’s the Great North American Eclipse!
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Who Makes Our Eclipse Glasses?

Only experienced companies based in the USA!

Order Solar Eclipse Glasses, Made in USA

This one is easy! After chasing eclipses for almost 30 years, and having seen 15 total eclipses, we know of only three companies making eclipse glasses that we would trust with our own eyes, or the eyes of our friends and family:

Rainbow Symphony (California), Thousand Oaks Optical (Arizona), and American Paper Optics (Tennessee).

These USA companies are the ones trusted by all eclipse chasers around the world. They’ve been in business for years, and their products have protected hundreds of millions of eyes at eclipses and other solar events around the world. They set the standard by which all eclipse glasses are measured.

Why are they the best?

Their glasses are approved by the world’s premier testing and certification laboratory, operated by Dr. Ralph Chou (who wrote the ISO standard for eclipse glasses!).

We personally know the owners of these great companies, and we trust their products 100% to protect our own eyes! That’s why they are the ONLY eclipse glasses that will offer to everyone.

You can read more about this in our blog post about eclipse glasses safety.

What happened in 2017?

In 2017, lots of people ordered glasses from a lot of different places. And then, just before eclipse day, many of them could not be certain that their glasses met the ISO standard. That means a lot of the glasses they’d bought could not be safely used.

If you order your eclipse glasses from, you will not have that worry. You can be sure that we have obtained them directly from these trusted manufacturers, that we have kept them in safe storage at all times, and that they have come directly from us to you. That’s as safe as you can get! And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

What about the price?

We also will NEVER resort to price gouging. We have taken steps to assure sufficient inventory, so we won’t need to charge the crazy prices that some people fell victim to on eclipse weekend. You’ll always get safe, certified glasses from us at the most fair price possible!

As long as the glasses have not been damaged in any way, you've kept them safely stored. and you follow all the Instructions for Use of the Eclipse Glasses that we've published, you will be able to safely protect your eyes at THREE eclipses for the price of ONE pair of glasses!

It’s just one more way that is making sure to provide everyone with the BEST information and tools to enjoy the eclipse safely! wishes everyone “Clear Skies” on eclipse day!

Read about eye safety, and the instructions for use of the eclipse glasses

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